Types of building materials used in construction

Building material is any material that is used to build

a house, like cement materials, bricks, wood, and clay.

Concrete: They are made by

mixing cement, sand, water, and stones that are crushed. After one has mixed the materials, it creates a material that’s hard stone-like (blikkenslager). Concrete is a long-lasting material and is easily moved from one place to another.


Ice: It is commonly used in hotels as a tourist attraction in many places that have winter.

Brush: They are made of plant surfaces from the start of building, mostly found in subtropical places (takplater). The building is done by twigs leave and more so branches they are grouped and given the name lean-tos.

Fabric: They are two types, circular hurt, and conical teepee, and are commonly used by nomadic people to shelter them. It’s a major building structure that has developed synthetic fabrics.

Natural construction materials: They are classified as natural and synthetic, where natural are those that are unprocessed like stones while synthetic are the processed ones like plastics.

Rock: They have existed since time immemorial. They are the hardest and long-lasting materials. Rocks exist in different forms all have a special way of works.

Thatch: It was commonly used in African homes. When industrialization rose in Europe use of thatch failed. Other homes build special houses that have thatched with special ridges tiles.

Glass: They provide light in the houses (taktekker). It’s made of silicates and sand that make it brittle. Glass has been used for a long time since it was first invented to cover openings in homes.

Ceramics: Include fixtures and tiles and are commonly used as coverings in apartments. Ceramic material is used all over the world. Its special clay thus has evolved more.

Foam: Its weight is lighter, a good insulator, and shaped. Insulated panels use foam as structural and are made of cement or wood.

Plastics that are foamed are used for backing in mortars of a fire stop in construction work.